First Community Event

On Saturday January 3rd, 2015 I hosted my first Community Weekend Event. We had 13 people on the server at various points throughout the day and some people on for more than 10 hours. We ended up building an amazing base after a failed attempt to live in the city.

A couple of folks (TheVictoriandad and Mafke040) even worked longer days later and built an impressive castle with “authentic” courtyard.

I recorded about 8.5 hours of video during the event, and a 20 minute base tour after the caste was built. You can check out the first hour of video below, and it’ll link you to the others.

I plan on having these events every few weekends, with different themes such as base building contests, treasure hunts and scavenger hunts. It should be fun and we will have a blast playing I’m sure!


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