Weekly-ish Channel Update for Jan 29, 2015

So, lots of things on my mind. I’m looking to make the channel more entertaining and I’m getting the feeling I may be burning people out with 7 Days to Die, so Season 4 is going to be really different. I’m going to turn it into a prefab exploration rather than the typical survival type game. I’ll be running through Navezgane with the Prefab Expansion pack (links will be in the videos) and rather than the typical base building and survival, we’ll just explore the new building people have made. It’ll come out less often and the videos will be shorter, so look for 3-4 episodes a week, each around 15-20 minutes as we explore new types of buildings from creative people.

Of course I’ll still have my co-op with Dianddra and Zaparthes, so there will be plenty of zombie slaughter to go around.

And speaking of zombie slaughter, it’s looking like folks are interested in watching me play Dying Light, so look for that to start up soon as well.

As always, I welcome your feedback, since the whole point of this channel is to entertain you guys and gals! I’ll be doing more livestreams in the coming months, and more community events, so stay tuned to those.

Tonight (Thursday, January 29, 2015) I’ll be twitch streaming some gameplay of Stranded Deep for a couple of hours. The game just got patched so we should be able to save and load and not have our raft disappear! Look for that to start at ~7pm MST (GMT-7) on twitch.tv/rongothebold.

Then this weekend we’ll be having the second community event, the Subscriber Scavenger Hunt, which should be fun. There are still lots of open slots, so if you’re interested, you can sign up here.

Also, I set up a twitter account for RongoTheBold so I can quickly and easily send out my livestream info, you might want to follow that, I promise that I won’t retweet Beyonce’s latest diet fad.

Thanks for watching and give you grandma a hug for me!



Oldschool gamer. Professional developer by day, gamer by night. I try to keep myself young through lots and lots and lots of game playing. So far I've been successful.

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