Weekly update 2/15/15

I really need to learn to update this site more often :)

So what have I been doing… well I did have my great Scavenger Hunt last weekend. I didn’t get as many participants as I wanted, but I learned that I need to be a bigger part of the event and that competition may not be as big of a draw as a co-op event. So I’m planning the next event with that in mind. Stay tuned for details!

I’ve wrapped up 7 Days to Die Season 3 with a couple of giveaways. So far I’ve picked 2 winners, just one more to go tomorrow.

I’m also starting Season 4, which is a bit different. Rather than building an elaborate base, I’m just on an exploration of the Navezgane Map with a pre-fab pack put together by “Ekk0” from the 7 days to die forum. Check the pack out here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?17727-Navezgane-POI-Expansion-Pack-2-0

I’ve also started playing a few other games:

Dying Light:

And a few other Indy survival games: Stranded Deep and Subnautica. Keep watching my channels for more videos and short Let’s Plays of those games.

I’m probably also going to be doing a Season really soon with The Long Dark, another survival game that I really enjoy playing.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I’ll DEFINITELY be getting and playing Grand Theft Auto V as soon as it drops for PC. Love love love that game and have been anxiously awaiting the PC release.

But before that game comes out there are a couple of others that I’m going to inflict on my oh-so-patient subscribers: Medieval Engineers and American Truck Simulator. Oh yeah, talk about stimulating game play!

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