Weekly-ish update for February 16, 20161

So… lots of gaming going on!

I’m currently playing:

Guess I’m a busy guy :) And there are more games coming. I’ll be playing some Medieval Engineers when it comes out this weeks and then maybe a bit of American Truck Simulator.

Is it too much? Am I just over-saturating my channel or do you guys like being able to pick and choose what to watch?

All I know is I really enjoy playing games and right now I’m at a point in my life where I have spare time and the energy to devote to playing. So as long as you guys are watching, I’ll keep producing :)

Are there games you’d like me to play? Keep in mind that generally I’m an indy-style gamer these days, especially the survival-style of games that seems to be in vogue right now.

Let me know!



Oldschool gamer. Professional developer by day, gamer by night. I try to keep myself young through lots and lots and lots of game playing. So far I've been successful.

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