Coming soon! Or … with Alpha 11 :) An amazing community experience!

When Alpha 11 hits, I’ll be launching a new feature for you, my subscribers!

I’m going to be providing a server for community play, but community play with an objective! It will be a fairly low-key survival setting game with lots of creative recipes.

Basic settings will be:

  • Warrior difficulty
  • High spawn zombies
  • default walk/run
  • Supply drops every 3 days
  • Loot at 100%
  • Crafting speed none
  • Loot speed fast
  • Respawn every 7 days
  • Friendly fire OFF :)

My plan is that we will work together to build our own town, with sewers, water works, parks, libraries, stores, houses, train depots and anything else we can come up with.

I’m challenging all of you to bring your most creative ideas to play. We’ll need to be ever vigilant of hordes since we’ll be making buildings and an environment that will be hard to secure. Perhaps we can secure the outer boundary with a wall and spikes but it’s going to be a large area and we won’t be able to protect it all :)

The server will be password protected to discourage griefers so if you are interested in being part of this huge build, you’ll need to be a subscriber and send me a PM on my YouTube Channel to request the password.

I hope you will rise to the challenge! I’ll be posting another announcement on YouTube about this after Alpha 11 drops since we’re pretty close to when that comes out and I don’t want us to lose all our work so quickly!

Till then,



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