Skyrim – An old game made new

Hi! I’ve decided to go old-school for a bit and play a game that came out a few years back. You may have heard of it. Skyrim? Yep that most awesome of games from Bethesda. But I’m not just playing vanilla plain boring Skyrim, I’m playing Skyrim with WAY TOO MANY MODS!

What are mods? Mods are changes to the core game that members of the community have made. These range from something as simple as being able to hide your helmet to complete graphical overhauls.

I think you’ll find that my new series is definitely a new take on the old game, making it look amazingly fresh and “next gen”. I’m going to be playing differently as well, and encourage your feedback to help guide my adventures across the tundra!

Below is a list of all the mods. The number listed on the right column is the Nex Mod # so you can be sure to have the right one.

I hope you enjoy!


General Texture Replacers

Optimized Vanilla Textures 57353
Ruins Clutter Improved 14227
Cinematic Fie Effects 2 HD 2692
HD Enhanced Terrain 29782
Skyrim Distance Overhaul LOD Improvement 19446
SKyFalls & Skymills 40564
Static Mesh Improvement Mod SMIM 8655
Skyrim HD – 2k Textures – Full 607
Vivid Landscapes – All in One 49344
aMidianBorn Caves & Mines 39190
Immersive Roads 40246
Skyrim Flora Overhaul 141
TreesHD_Skyrim_Variation 3812
Skysight – Simply Bigger Trees 56877
Immersive Fallen Trees Mod 55699
Fences of Skyrim 58980
Verdant – A skyrim grass plugin 60220
Natural Grass Texture Floor 30164
High Definition Ivy 30971
Replacement Ivy 1878
City Forests and Landscape V2 Trees 9558
Detailed Rugs 29608
Realistic Water Two 41076
Transparent wave spray Retexture 59547
optional landscape textures from Pure Waters 1111
Dust effects 44201
Realistic Smoke and Embers 836
Project Reality – Climates of Tamriel 17802
Supreme Storms for CLimates of Tamriel 27022
Climates of Tamriel – weather patch 39799
True Storms – Thunder and Rain Redone 63478
Lightning During Storms 15506
Lightning During Storms – CoT Patch 25675
Enhanced Lights and FX 27043


Body Graphics

ApachiiSkyHair v16 full 10168
ApachiiSkyHairFemail v15 10168
ApachiiSkyHairMaile 10168
ApachieSkyHair a natural retexture 35092
Dimonized UNP female body 6709
UnPB Body NMM Installer v2-5-2 fix 37900
Fitness Body 16731
All in One Face v4.0b Face pack for UNP Body 17704
plus Dawngaurd v5.0a female vamp for UNP
Mature skin retexture and body for UNP 32986
SkySight Skins – Ultra HD 4k and 2k – Male textures 58443
Natural Eys High Res 3589
Smile in HD 34346
No More ugly bronze skins 29791
Realistic Ragdolls and Froce 601
XP32 Maximum Skeleton XPMS 26800
Inhabitants of Skyrim – NPC Overhaul 23755
Bijin Wives 63473
Bijin Warmaidens 40038
Fores New Idles 11811
UNP Texture Blender 30759


Game changing modes

Random Alternate start 25404
SkyUI 60231
Unnofficial Skyrim Patch 19
Unofficial Dawngaurd Patch 23491
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch 25127
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch 31083
JK’s Skyrim 61035
Quality snowflakes HD v2 7405
Real Ice – all in one 5388
Illustrated Panels Towns v105 23886
Skrim Enhanced Camera 57859
Dawnguard Fortress Improved High Res 2K 32809
HD Enhanced Terrain and Map snow 2048×2048 version 29782
aMidianBorn Whiterun 38491
Shooting Stars 25022
Horizon of Dreams 35708
Interesting NPCs 8429
RS Children Overhaul 55555
Sharlikrans Compatibility Patches 26230
Amazing Follower Tweaks 15524
Convenient Horses 14950
True Elk of Skyrim 63243
Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2.2 43773
RaceMenu 29624
ShowRaceMenu precache killer 33526
Skyrim Immersive Creatures 24913
Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack 3621
Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack 29631
Bloody Dragon Boes 30620
Improved NPC Clothing 2674
aMidianBorn Book of Silence Armors and Weapons 24909
aMidianBorn Wolf armors and skyforge weapons 34147
Perfect Whiterun 12974
Glorious Environment 21205
Visible Windows 6971
A Quality World Map – with Roads 4929
Birds and Flocks 11555
Enhanced Blood Textures 60
Splash of Rain 37873
High Quality Food and Ingredients 1192
Book Covers Skyrim 35399
Book Covers Skyrim – Compatibility Patches 50441
Frostfall 11163
Vilja 26393
HD Travel Cloak Texture 11163
Beautiful Lydia 19290
Better Fast Travel 15508
Better Stealth AI for Followers 16531
Brawl Bugs Compatibility 24020
Campsites in Skyrim 31683
Camp Users and Hunters 31683
Complete Crafting Overhaul 49791
Clothing and Clutter Fiex 43053
Drinking Fountains of Skyrim 24282
Epic Restoration + Dragonborn Patch 57721
Farm Animals – Hearthfire 56961
Guard Dialogue Overhaul 23390
HiRead Road Signs 436
Immersive Armors 19733
Immersive Weapons 27644
Imps More complete needs + patches 10639
Lanterns of Skyrim all in one MCM special 18916
Localized Guilds/Jobs 14509
More Salt Please – dragonborn 13321
More Salt Plase 13321
Non-Essential Children Hearthfire 13202
Optimized Skyrim Textures fro NMM-Wrye Bash 57353
Realistic Needs & Diseases 26228
Realistic Room Rental – enhanced 25029
Respectful Lydia 4806
Run for your lives 23906
Skyrim Community Uncapper 1176
SkyTweak 33395
SPERG 24445
Sofia Follower 54527
SMIM Patches
SPERG Weapon Styles 41609
The Paarthurnax Dilemma 18465
Timing is Everything 38151
Training Dummies and Targets 23698
Vilja in Soltheim 26393
Weapons and Armor Fixes remade 34093
Wearable Lanters 17416
Wearable Lanterns SMIM patch 34535
Wet and Cold 27563
Wet and Cold – Ashes 31968
When Vampires Attack 28235
Immersive Beds 35611


Oldschool gamer. Professional developer by day, gamer by night. I try to keep myself young through lots and lots and lots of game playing. So far I've been successful.

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2 thoughts on “Skyrim – An old game made new

  1. After seeing Camilla in your game I thought you had spouses enhanced mod. Wait is that the right mod? The one that makes all women you can marry look better? *google search*

    Oh no that is a different one that takes… ‘other’ mods. At any rate your game looks totally different. I could hardly tell you were in Riverwood with all the trees and stuff haha.

    Best part of Skyrim to me is making characters. I had a spellsword at one time that only wore cloth and used a two handed sword. Was good times.

    A more interesting character was a Merchant. I made an Imperial that only worked on his crafting skills. Had to hire mercs to protect him between towns.

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