Weekly-ish update, April 9, 2015

Hello friends and welcome back to another update post!

Today I want to talk briefly about a couple of my on-going series, announce a new series and one more fun announcement.

With the release of Alpha 11, I’ve started Season 5 of my 7 Days to Die series. I’m going to do my best to not die in this one, we’ll see how long that lasts :) I’m really enjoying the look and feel of A11, the new bow, and the overall graphical improvements the pimps have implemented. Most of all I like the random cave systems so in this season I’ll be building a house inside a cavern. A bit of a Season 3 repeat, but in a really cool setting.

Skyrim is going great. I’m really enjoying getting back into this world. And sort of amazed that it’s not crashing every 30 seconds under the immense load of mods that I’m running :) I hope you like the direction I’m taking my character. Please feel free to jump in any time and let me know if I should tweak, adjust, etc. I always welcome your feedback!

New series… Space Engineers survival! I’ll be doing this series with two other people, plus I’ll be opening it up for cameo appearances by a few others as we need help to engage with “unknown enemies” or other characters. This should be coming soon, hopefully by the end of April.

And last but most definitely not least, the Community Server! Now that A11 is out, I am opening up the PVE Community Server to everyone who wants to play. This is going to be focused primarily on building a nice lakeside town, docks, stores, museums, homes, mountains, boats, etc. This will all be built in survival mode, with lots of custom stuff!

As usual, thanks for reading! Oh, and before I forget, there is now a FB page for RongoTheBold! www.facebook.com/rongothebold.


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One thought on “Weekly-ish update, April 9, 2015

  1. Sounds good. Probably too early to ask but is there a date in mind yet for when the pve server will be up? Going to try and work in a day off for the first day haha.

    As for Skyrim, when you run into those Draugr Death Lords be sure to keep Repel Lesser Undead on hand. Even though it wont turn the mob it will stagger them. Good way to level Resto also.

    I noticed Faendal is using a two handed sword and wondered if you set his combat to 2hander. I thought he might be set to Ranger but was just checking.

    You can make some interesting spell swords with AFT on a non magic using follower. I usually teach them spells they normally do not have like flame cloak. I have found they will use it just fine. Can give them all kinds of spells, but they wont heal you or others. Also I wouldn’t give them any AoE spells like fireball.

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