Rongos complete custom 7 Days to Die config folder

So… I’ve been doing a LOT of modding in 7 Days to Die lately and have built up quite a bit of stuff. If you’d like to play just like I do, or you are playing on the Subscriber Haven server and want the full experience, then you’ll want to download this files

Download the complete config file here:

Now… obviously this does a LOT of changing in your game so if you would like to keep the vanilla game as well, or if you play on other servers, I recommend you do the following.

Download this file.

Create a new directory called Config-modded under steam/steamapps/common/7 Days to Die/Data

Extract the contents of this zip file in that directory.

Now, rename the folder “Config” in the main Data directory to “Config-base”, then rename the Config-modded to “Config”. Start the game and enjoy everything!

This mod pack does the following as of 5/2/15 (v 1.0.0):

  1.  Modified Biomes
    1. Added sand/clay sub-biomes in Pine and Maple Forest
    2. Increased spawn rate of birds nests
    3. Added ice sub-biome to snow biome
    4. Increased sizes & odds of finding towns
    5. Increased river sizes & some tweaks
    6. Changed some
    7. Changed some roads to gravel in desert
    8. Added new ores (see below)
    9. Changed so that ores spawn in ground as well as caves
  2. Added new ores
    1. Added copper ore, molds, ingots, forged copper, copper pipes
    2. Added zinc, molds, ingots
    3. Added salt ore (breaks down to salt)
    4. Added new item “crucible” that is used in the campfire, takes copper ingot + zinc ingot and makes 1 brass ingot
  3. New crops
    1. Aloe – seeds from aloe, plant anywhere
    2. Cactus (the saguaro). Seeds drop when chopped down. First growth stage is large
    3. Mushrooms, seeds from mushroom
    4. Wheat (looks like tall grass), seeds can be found in random loot, seeds from wheat
  4. New foods
    1. Can be grilled:
      1. Corn
      2. Mushrooms
      3. Fish (more below)
    2. Stews
      1. Fish Stew (water, fishyFish, potato, mushrooms)
      2. Fish Chowder (water, fishyFish, potato, corn)
      3. Pork Stew (same as venison)
      4. Mushroom Stew (very potent, – water, mushrooms, potato, corn)
    3. Canned foods – now preserve your stews in cans! (Same effect as canned beef)
      1. Venison/pork/rabbit Stew + salt + empty can
    4. Whiskey – requires pressure pot (see below) and campfire
      1. Wheat + bottled water
    5. Beer – requires cooking pot and campfire
      1. 4 wheat + bottled water
    6. Mead – requires cooking pot + campfire
      1. Honey + Bottled water
    7. Bread – requires cooking pot + campfire
      1. Honey + bottled Water + wheat (4) + egg
    8. Honey Pork – requires grill +campfire
      1. pork + honey
    9. Moldy Bread – crafting area, bottled River water + bread
    10. French Fries – requires campfire + cooking pot
      1. potato + animal fat (darn I should revise this to require salt…)
  5. New Weapons
    1. Composite Bow (gated behind Advanced Archery rare book)
      1. plant fibers, bone, sticks, leather strips – about as good as the crossbow, plus has a zoom like a sniper rifle
      2. Uses arrowIron – scrap iron + feather + stick = 2 arrows
    2. Admin Bow (creative only) does massive explosion damage. good for mining :)
    3. Holy Handgrenade of Antioch – WIP
      1. 4 gunPowder charges + plant fiber + empty can
      2. Lots of damage
    4. Iron Tipped Spear
      1. long range thrusting weapons (3 blocks) does decent damage, bonus against head.
      2. 3 scrap iron + 5 sticks
  6. New cooking / crafting items
    1. Please note that the craft areas are visual only. So far I can’t figure a way to actually create a new class of crafting area so you could actually just use the campfire for all of these
    2. High Pressure Grill – copper pipes and empty cans. Needed to forge things at higher temperatures
      1. Right now this is only for converting wood logs to coal
    3. Pressure Pot – copper pipes & forged Iron
      1. Used for crafting whiskey, oil, and paper
        1. Oil – bioFuel + coal
        2. Paper – plant fiber + botted water
    4. Distillery – big green pipe section that acts as a campfire
    5. blastFurnace – big red pipe section that acts as a campfire
  7. Fishing
    1. Added worms to the game. These have a various drop percentage chance when digging soil in most biomes (not desert, snow or wasteland)
    2. Make a fishing pole with sticks, plant fiber and fishing weight. The pole is a levelled item and will decrease in durability through use. “Repair” with worms to simulate rebaiting.
    3. Bait pole with worm (one up, one right of pole in middle box) to get fishingPoleBaited
    4. To use, right-click on water. If you get it right, you’ll briefly see a “search fishing loot” pop up. Hit “E” to loot. Loot will be “fishyFish” that looks like rotten meat, possible worms, low chance for something from clothing table.
    5. Fish can be grilled, eaten raw, made into stew or chowder.
  8. Rabbit Traps
    1. These are done in stages. First the trap is built according to the recipe
    2. Then you bait the trap with mushroom, corn or potato which creats a rabbitTrapSet
    3. You then place this trap on the ground and over time it will “catch” a rabbit.
    4. You can get rabbit meat or leather or both.
    5. The filled trap will act as a campfire to raise the heatmap so check them often!
    6. Also, you can destroy the filled trap and there is a high chance that it will drop an empty trap which can be re-baited and set out again.
  9. New Traps
    1. Ember Traps
      1. These look like the large ember piles in the burned biome. They cause a new buff called burningLarge that does extra damage and requires two dousings to put put. First degrades buff to burning, then away.
      2. These require fat + coal + logs and burn for about 180 minutes of real time before degrading to small ember piles
  10. Nice bed recipe (the 4 block black/white bed). The bed02_1 (upper left corner) of the bed can be used as a spawn point
  11. Custom recipes for pretty much all in game objects that don’t by default have recipes
  12. Block changes – some things drop when they didn’t before
    1. Shopping Carts (without stuff in them) can be picked up
    2. Full shopping carts can be smashed and will drop a regular empty shopping cart
    3. Hives when destroyed have an 80% chance of dropping an empty hive, which can be replaced to grow into a full hive
  13. Lawn Mower – gas powered mower that cuts grass fast and will add to the heat map.

I will keep this list updated as I add new items and through new alphas, keeping it current with the version that is installed on the Subscriber Haven server and in use in my single player game.


v.1.0.1 (updated 5/6/15)

  1. New items/blocks:
    1. Distillery. Craft, then equip the highpressure Grill, right click to upgrade distillery with coalOre, then upgrade again with wheat, then with bottled water. Wait for a few game hours and you’ll be able to loot whiskey. Upgrade with coalOre again to restart the process.
    2. Working sinks. Craft either the old or granite sink, stick a full bucket above it in the crafting area and you’ll make a sink that you can fill your bottles at! Gives you bottled river water so you’ll still need to boil it first.
    3. Craftable snow/sand/smoke storm trunks. Now you can have a snowstorm in the desert!
  2. New foods:
    1. Delicious Ham Sammich: great for what ails you. 2 bread, 1 salt, 1 grilled pork
    2. Energy drink. Immune to stun, massive stamina for 2 minutes. 3x coffee beans, 1 grain alcohol in a cooking pot
  3. New farmables:
    1. Chrysanthemums: harvest, craft into seeds and plant. First stages look like goldenrod, but the flowers turn red in the end :)
  4. Entities:
    1. Added a grounded hornet. weak hornet that can’t fly
    2. Added a weaker, slower dog. But when it catches you there is a 50% chance it will cause you to burst into flames!
    3. Doubled odds of feral zombies spawning from.
    4. Added a feral pig. Same stats as a regular pig but this one won’t run from a fight. It will attack you and your little dog too!
  5. Game changes:
    1. Change biome sounds for the pine forest to match the maple forest. No more crickets!
    2. Lowered spawn rates for copper & zinc ores.
    3. Cobwebs can now be picked up
    4. Tires can now be burned for 192 seconds.


Things I’m considering:

  1. Bayonets on rifles/shotguns/sniper rifles
  2. Flaming barbed wire
  3. Working on more “machines” like a paper mill and smelter.

If you have suggestions I’d love to hear them! Just have to work within the existing game mechanics and elements :)


Rongo The BOLD



Oldschool gamer. Professional developer by day, gamer by night. I try to keep myself young through lots and lots and lots of game playing. So far I've been successful.

11 thoughts on “Rongos complete custom 7 Days to Die config folder

    1. That is an interesting way to do it. Hmmm, now I have all kinds of thoughts running around in my head!
      I still just want them to come out with a crafting table mechanism so we can do it like I built above :(

  1. Is there a way to add a flashlight to a weapon? It would be cool to have a pistol that also is a light source. That way you could wear good head armor but still have a light and be armed at the same time.

  2. Sup man, just wondering if those new campfires you made that look like ember traps could be added to the build server again. I rebuilt the fireplace but can only make the ember traps.


  3. Heya Rongo!

    Wondered if you would/could put out a config without the extra mini-biomes added? They tend to lag my computer horribly (when I have one in front of me on my screen it lags – when I am not looking at one I have normal FPS). I have no lag for any other added material, so I have to assume it to be from the mini biomes. Everything else is awesome, though.

    Even if you could just talk me through removing or lessening the number of mini biomes, that would be awesome. I feel they are entirely too plentiful as it is even without the laggy video. A few of them per biome would be better for my game than 1 every 100 meters or so.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Great mod! Running it in A12.4 on dedicated server. We like your work Rongo!

    Small errors i found:
    – Apple tree drops maple seeds instead of apples.
    – Tomato plant cant be harvested like other crops. No sign when ready but after some 3 days if you destroy it, it drops 2 tomatoes.
    – Silenced guns cant be crafted. Says the skill is there and have pistol book but cant ad the can.

  5. Hi Rongo, as a beginning modder I am looking for some advice.

    Would you have any ideas as to how to change the quality level of items as they are repaired, and utilize the player’s crafting level in determining the end quality level?

    It doesn’t appear to be possible within the current modding framework…but perhaps I missed something.

    Thank you!!

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