Woohoo! Rongos Mod Pack v1.0.2 is now available.

Finally I’ve “completed” version 1.0.2 of my mod pack. This one is a biggie! New entities (feral pigs, Razorback boss piggy, farm dogs, running ferals all the time, increased spawn rates) Tons of new crops (tomatoes, apple trees!, sugar cane and more), loads of new items, new blocks, lots of new recipes.

I’ve tested it pretty thoroughly and am only seeing a few minor things like movement of the farm dog, and the fact that my energy drink has stopped working for no apparent reason :(.

There are two version of the mod pack, one with stock entities (zombies & spawning) and one with everything. There is a readme file in the zip with all the instructions.

As before, you take all responsibility for installing this. If it breaks your game (you really should install only on a new game) it’s all on you. I’ll answer questions if you have any. I really recommend keeping a “Config_stock” and a “Config_modded” full install of 7 days to die, but you can also just rename your config file back and forth between testing.

There will be a full video posted soon outlining all the changes as well.



Enjoy! And as always, leave comments with new ideas!



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  1. Any way you could publish a list of the recipes? I have figured a few out since I watched your video, but a list would be handy. Damned if I didn’t run into that horrible PIG right outta the gate! lol!

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