My plans for the A12 community server

So… I’ve talked about this a lot, and finally I’m posting something about it!

Here is what I have envisioned for the A12 “community” township.

A12 Community Plan

This town is located in the desert on a relatively flat piece of land with a few adjacent buildings to scavenge from. The location is roughly 2299N 595E. I’ve laid out the outer wall, though it need to be leveled a bit, and I’ve laid out the first few building locations. The roads will be 8 block wide gravel, each plot is 20×20.

If you’d like to help with the build, hop on the server and go to work! :)



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15 thoughts on “My plans for the A12 community server

  1. Are those white squares without text shops, or is that an indicator for the 20×20 sized plots, meaning the top vertical “housing” blocks are six by one plots?

    Sorry for being ignorant 😛

    1. I think those are shops find on building a kickass furnace where you’ll need to bring your own fuel but I’ll have all molds and forges :)

      Also the wall is to be four blocks hgh in each “column” the wall will go up and down with the laynof the land for the most part. Towers on the corners and maybe in the middle of the walls if we can find center will be at least
      9 blocks high and follow the same footprint as what I’ve started near the lodge poi. If we can get them but up I’ll pretty em up later.

      <3 Smoore

      1. Wouldn’t it look better if we made the wall an even level all around, instead of an even number of blocks?

        9 block high towers? You clearly need to watch Rongo’s first community event round up video, that’s how I build towers 😛

        Any prefered building style we want to go with, or will we call anything with a bed in it a house? 😛

  2. Yes, those smaller boxes are for “stores” or forge area, restaurants, whatever you want to build, all 20×20. I may have to adjust the back wall (think that’s the north side?) unless I just messed up my math. May want to leave it wood until we get everything sorted out. the thick gray lines are gravel roads, the housing plots can be broken up however we want. They should be 15 or 20 blocks deep, and probably stay at 12-15 blocks wide. That’s enough for a decent sized single survivor home, right? :) We’ll also need to discover a good mining spot nearby.

  3. Since this is probably the best place to coordinate the construction of the base, I wanted to say that progress looks to be coming along nicely! Who built that wooden structure on the wrong side of the wall?

    keep up the good work, hoping to get to jump on tonight. Rongo, please advertise more that everyone should coordinate here plz!

  4. Center road North-South finished.
    If we should have more walls inside the wall around the town, those should be outlined before we build more roads…

  5. After talking last night, I’m thinking we should go with a wall running north-south that is about 10 blocks west of the farm. We might cut it to the east wall maybe 2/3 to 3/4 of the way to it. This might give us about 1/3 to 1/2 of the current room within the main walls. That should enough space unless more people join and start builds.

  6. Another possibility is to have the western part of the city being a wood farm – Then we can keep trees inside the wall. If overtime more people will join, we can easily expand back to the original number of building plots

  7. I’d love to join you all in a PvE extravaganza. 31 years old and about 600 hours of 7 days to die. I love building and co-op. Please send me the server info.

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