Rongo Mod Pack for Alpha 12.3 version 1.0!

New updated version can be found here:


UPDATED!!!!!!!!!! many fixes to initial bugs, please update with this new pack, more “stock” blocks coming soon (mostly blue/orange/green metal roofing & concrete columns)

Download Like: Config-A12-v2

Finally it’s here!

What this pack has:

Full recipes for all in-game blocks so you can build all the creative stuff!

Installation instructions:

Navigate to: steam/steamapps/common/7 Days to Die/Data.

Rename your existing “Config” director to “Config_base” or something like that. Extract this zip file. You should end up with a Config directory with a whole bunch of files in it.

Please note that it is best to start a new game with this config file as it does have affects in the biomes.xml file.

Version 1.0.0:

  1. Biome changes
    1. Added new sub-biome “burned zone” to plains, forest, pine forest and snow biome. Spawns small amount of burnt trees and burnt forest ground. Has chance of spawning ember piles.
    2. Changed so that ore spawns in all ground areas.
  2. Foods
    1. Delicious Ham Sandwich – very healthy, wellness boosting food. This is crafted in your crafting window, not the stove. 1 bread, 1 tomato, one salt, and 1 grilled pork makes a tasty treat!
    2. Milk Powder – can be found in cabinets, rarely on zombies. Combined with grain alcohol in a beaker, this creates a calciumSupplement.
    3. Milk – take milk powder + bottled water in your crafting table and make milk. Gives you a bit of fullness, hydration, health and wellness as well as removing dysenterry!
    4. Calcium Supplement – see above for crafting, this miracle drug instantly removes your broken leg or sprained leg effect! Way better than a silly splint :)
    5. Sausage! Crafted in your crafting window from two raw pork, 1 tomato, one salt. This should NOT be eaten raw as it has a high chance of giving you food poisoning (don’t eat raw pork!)
    6. Cooked Sausage. Take that sausage you just made, toss it on the grill and enjoy this tasty treat!
    7. Tomatos – see new farmables below, used in several recipes
    8. Tomato Soup – water, three tomatos. Delicious, hearty, cures what ails you! (Big wellness boost and removes dysentery debuff)
    9. Sugar (possible kept as a farmable sugar cane – it is not, but not sure I like it) – found in cabinets, used in a variety of recipes. Can be eaten alone for a small health, food and stamina boost.
    10. Blueberry Brandy – made in pressurePot from sugar (2), blueberries, and water. Same as grain alcohol.
      moonshine – made in pressure pot from two sugars and bottled water. same as grain alcohol.
    11. Venison Jerky. Cook your venison with salt on a grill for a lot longer and you get this treat. Not as good as grilled venison, cuts into your water, but does NOT have a smell :)
    12. Beer is now made in a regular cooking pot with 4 wheat and one bottled water.
    13. Sugar Cookie! make in a cooking pot with an egg, two sugar and wheat. Gives you 2 cookies that give you small food, health & wellness bump.
    14. Chocolate Chips – can be found in the cabinets (rare) eaten along give a very small health, food and wellness bump
    15. Chocolate Chip Cookies – make in a cooking pot with egg, chocolate chip, wheat, sugar. Gives you 2 cookies that give you small food, health & wellness bump.
    16. Apples! You can get these by cutting down apple trees which can be found in subbiomes of the Plains biome. You can also find them, and apple seeds, in cupboards and some other regular loot.
    17. Apple Pie – apple + cornmeal + bottled water + sugar in a cooking pot over a fire. Tasty!
  3. Weapons/Ammo
    1. Stone, Iron, Steel tipped spears. Recipe is sticks + small stone or your choice of arrow head :)
    2. 9mm hollow points & 9mm jacketed slug (do more damage)
    3. adjusted output of shotgun slugs. you now get three in recipes
    4. Shotgun penetrator. Heavy slug, good for knocking in doors :)
    5. Silencer – craft, then combine with pistol, rifle or sniper to create silenced version!
    6. Silenced pistol, rifle, sniper that really keep the heat off you.
  4. New Crops/Growables
    1. Chrysanthemums are now farmable. Just smash the flowers into seeds in your crafting window, plant and enjoy the cycle of life.
    2. Tomatos – seeds can be found in cabinets and rare zombie drops. Looks like crysanthemums when grown, harvest for lots of tomatoes, craft into seeds from your crafting area.
    3. Sugar Cane – not sure I’ll keep this, but you can find rare seeds, plant, and harvest sugar cane which can be cooked in a pressurePot with potassium nitrate to release the sugar.
    4. Apple Trees! – They look like maple trees and will be on a patch of fertile farmland along with a bunch of wheat that you can harvest while you are there. Cut down the apple trees to get the apples! Apples will yield apple seeds, which can be planted for your own orchards!
    5. Aloe – seeds from aloe, plant anywhere
    6. Cactus (the saguaro). Seeds drop when chopped down. First growth stage is large
    7. Mushrooms, seeds from mushroom
    8. Wheat (looks like tall tan grass), seeds can be found in random loot, seeds can be crafted from wheat in the center of your crafting grid
  5. Game changes
    1. Solid wood frames (the degraded object for many blocks in game, can be “upgraded” with 1 wood plank and will turn back into a frame you can pick up!
    2. Wood frames can now be crafted back into 4 planks.
  6. New blocks
    1. Working sinks. Craft either the old or granite sink, stick a full bucket above it in the crafting area and you’ll make a sink that you can fill your bottles at! Gives you bottled river water so you’ll still need to boil it first.
    2. Craftable snow/sand/smoke storm trunks. Now you can have a snowstorm in the desert!
    3. Added new item “crucible” that is used in the campfire, takes copper ingot + zinc ingot and makes 1 brass ingot
  7. New foods
    1. Can be grilled:
      1. Corn
      2. Mushrooms
      3. Fish (more below)
    2. Stew
      1. Fish Stew (water, fishyFish, potato, mushrooms)
      2. Fish Chowder (water, fishyFish, potato, corn)
      3. Pork Stew (same as venison)
      4. Mushroom Stew (very potent, – water, mushrooms, potato, corn)
    3. Canned foods – now preserve your stews in cans! (Same effect as canned beef)
      1. Venison/pork/rabbit Stew + salt + empty can
    4. Whiskey – requires pressure pot (see below) and campfire – (Wheat + bottled water)
    5. Beer – requires cooking pot and campfire – (wheat (4) + bottled water)
    6. Mead – requires cooking pot + campfire – Honey + Bottled water
    7. Bread – requires cooking pot + campfire – (Honey + bottled Water + wheat(4) + egg)
    8. Honey Pork – requires grill +campfire (pork + honey)
    9. Moldy Bread – crafting area, (bottled River water + bread)
    10. French Fries – requires campfire + cooking pot (potato + animal fat (darn I should revise this to require salt…)
  8. New items
    1. Forged brass – made from brass ingot (like forged iron)
    2. Brass Pipes – made from forged brass (like short metal pipes)
    3. High Pressure Grill – brass pipes and empty cans. Needed to forge things at higher temperatures
    4. Pressure Pot – brass pipes & forged Iron
      1. Used for crafting whiskey, oil, and paper
      2. Oil – bioFuel + coal
      3. Paper – plant fiber + botted water
  9. Fishing
    1. Added worms to the game. These have a various drop percentage chance when digging soil in most biomes (not desert, snow or wasteland)
    2. Make a fishing pole with sticks, plant fiber and fishing weight and worms.
    3. To use, right-click on water. Fishing rod will be exchanged for a fishyFish
    4. Fish can be grilled, eaten raw, made into stew or chowder.
  10. Rabbit Traps
    1. These are done in stages. First the trap is built according to the recipe
    2. Then you bait the trap with mushroom, corn or potato which creats a rabbitTrapSet
    3. You then place this trap on the ground and over time it will “catch” a rabbit.
    4. You can get rabbit meat or leather or both.
    5. The filled trap will act as a campfire to raise the heatmap so check them often!
    6. Also, you can destroy the filled trap and there is a high chance that it will drop an empty trap which can be re-baited and set out again.
  11. New Traps
    1. Ember Traps
      1. These look like the large ember piles in the burned biome. They cause a new buff called burningLarge that does extra damage and requires two dousings to put put. First degrades buff to burning, then away.
      2. These require fat + coal + logs and burn for about 180 minutes of real time before degrading to small ember piles
        Nice bed recipe (the 4 block black/white bed). The bed02_1 (upper left corner) of the bed can be used as a spawn point
  12. Block changes – some things drop when they didn’t before
    1. Shopping Carts (without stuff in them) can be picked up
    2. Full shopping carts can be smashed and will drop a regular empty shopping cart
    3. Hives when destroyed have an 80% chance of dropping an empty hive, which can be replaced to grow into a full hive
    4. Yucca can be turned into plant fibers.


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