Updated Rongo Mod Pack for Alpha 12.4

Download link: Config12.4.V3

Here we go, updated for Alpha 12.4. I kept my version of the biomes.xml file, but incorporated all the other fixes from 12.4. Fixed a few bugs (tomato seeds and endtable lamps).




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8 thoughts on “Updated Rongo Mod Pack for Alpha 12.4

  1. Since I’m new to modding:
    If my game updates to a new version, that overwrites all my modded files?
    So I basicly have to keep a copy of my mods in a different folder and then re-edit all xml changes to the new file?

    I haven’t forgotten about the new block recipes either, have few ready but got distracted by the shiny modding 😛

  2. Hi there Rongo,

    I started a new SP game with your mod. So far far the crafting seem all good, but I didn’t had no 7th and 14th days hordes so far. Also in the 3 caves I visited, I only found coal and Stalagmite potassium. No Lead, Iron, etc, etc.

    Do you think it could be because of the mod itself?



    1. the pimps have it set so that only certain ores spawn in certain biomes. I didn’t catch that in the 12.4 update V3, but I’ve fixed that in V6. The hordes… that’s a Pimp problem :) It seems to be hit or miss.

  3. I’ve installed this latest version 12.4 v3 and so far have found the following problems:
    1) No pork stew recipe
    2) High Pressure Grill will not load into slot in campfire or in forge..(not sure which one it’s supposed to use).

    Still testing and crafting…will probably post more.

  4. So, first off, what you have done here is AWESOME! My wife and I both have enjoyed your creations. I do have a question, when you made the sinks, did you strictly do everything in the XML files? Reason I ask, I am trying to figure out how you made the sink like a toilet, I can’t find anything anywhere in the XMLs about giving you bottledRiverWater when you use the toilet and sink.

  5. Hey loving the mod, just wanted to enquire as to cobblestone frames. They are in the origional build of the game still but I cant seem to find the crafting recipe in the modded game at all. This item is a standard building material and the cobble stone is still available but the frames to use them are not.

    Help Please!

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