Rongo’s Mod Pad for 7 days to Die Alpha 12.4 V6! now with Mafke Mods! (works fine in 12.5)

The newest download! Config12.4.V6

NOTE: THIS WORKS FINE IN 12.5 as well.

Ok, after much playtesting and tweaking and balancing I am proud to introduce the V6 of the Rongo Mod Pack for 7 Days to Die Alpha 12.4

This mod pack also features a number of mods and ideas from Mafke (Check out his channel here). These are the “toggle” blocks and the vending machines. He came up with the great idea for the hidden block and the cash register and I sort of just went with it :)

So… what does this update feature?!?!?! So much!

Biomes.xml changes.

  • I hadn’t noticed that 12.4 changed ore dispersal in caves, so I fixed it so all ores spawn in all biomes. Desert previously only had coal and gravel.
  • Ore fragments! Rather than spawning ores in veins in the ground, I’ve added some special ores as things that drop when you mine stone! You can get goldFragments, zincFragments and copperFragments. Burned ground also has a chance of dropping crude oil, which can be cooked in a pressure pot to give you tasty oil!


  • Added a “toggle” option to a 2×2 old wood wall (see video) as well as reinforced wood wall, concrete wall, and reinforced concrete wall.
  • Added a hidden old wood and reinforced concrete block that switches to a ladder
  • Added a portable ladder that extends up to 10 blocks and can be carried off.
  • Added a metal trussing ramp.
  • Metal trussing blocks and ramps can now be picked up, or “upgraded” at no cost to become fixed in place
  • Snack & Beverage vending machines  (not craftable, can only be placed in creative for now) that accept casino coins in exchange for items.
  • Portcullis (expandable 3 high iron bars from scrap plate) toggle with toggle tool
  • 3×2 reinforced toggle plate/spike trap
  • Operating Table – craftable! Adds surgery buff which heals, fixes infections and mends broken bones.
  • Broken down car frame can now be picked up (after toggling by “repairing” with any tool)
  • Gas pumps! Now after looting a gas pump you can spend your casino coins to get more gas!


  • Silenced weapons! Silencer is gated behind a rare book, but once made can be added to a pistol, rifle, smg, or sniper rifle. You don’t get it back if you take your gun apart, so be warned!
  • Upgraded the SMG! more damage, more durability. Also made the mp5SD silent variant!
  • Lockpick Station (based on lockpick schematic) that uses brass ingot -> lockpick -> open safes easily :)
  • Forged & Pipes: Steel, Brass, Copper and Zinc can all be forged into “planks” and pipes.
  • Mechanics for Morons book. Now you can craft your own engines! make engine block, pistons, and parts, headlines, and even batteries! Recipes for everything are included. Engine quality is determined by your level, not by the level of the parts you make.
  • Advanced Forging Book. Allows you to make a crucible to smelt zinc and copper fragments together to make scrap brass.  You can also craft Zinc and Copper ingot molds to make ingots.
  • Casino Token mold! Uses your gold fragments to make more tokens for gas pumps :)
  • Trees… made is so that you can “craft” trees from Pine and Maple seeds. This is more for decorative building. Put your seeds in the corner, or center top/bottom and see what kind of tree you get.
  • Block Toggler – :)
  • New model for iron/stone/steel tipped spears.
  • Cash register guns – craftable! Spend your tokens here :)


  • So much here! The blocks and items are self-explanatory, so I’ll just detail the cooking ones.
  • Pork Stew… back in! Bad pimps :)
  • Battery Acid – grain alcohol, yucca juice, yucca fruit, ingot of brass in a beaker
  • Oil (all with pressure pot): tallow + coal OR crude oil or cornSeed + coal
  • Salt – potassium nitrate powder + grain alcohol in pressure pot.
  • + tons and tons of recipes for more of the standard blocks that were missing.

Hope you enjoy, please let me know if you encounter and bugs!



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34 thoughts on “Rongo’s Mod Pad for 7 days to Die Alpha 12.4 V6! now with Mafke Mods! (works fine in 12.5)

    1. Hey Tahoenvy,

      Gold is used to smelt in to coins with the new coin mold.
      Coins are used to purchase gas at gaspumps, ammo at special cash registers or food and beverages at vending machines.

      Zinc is used to smelt (together with copper) in to scrap brass.

      Check out Rongo’s video on some mod pack content:

      Next to those update video’s and the release note’s on this forum, there is no overview of recipes (yet).

  1. The lawnmower is in one of his videos but he skips making it because he doesn’t have the handlebars and says he’ll get back to it. But I can’t find it. lol

      1. Thats a shame, that would have been a fun tool. Hey Rongo, could you make us a Steel hatch or portal door? I’m surprised no one has done it yet. I’d love you long time!!

        1. Can’t modify the model for those. Only thing I could do would be to make another upgrade to the hatch that would have the same visual look, but be much stronger, but since the zombies don’t attack it not sure what the point would be. :(

    1. Nope, but I think (and will test) that it is possible to change crops so they utilize the “concrete” method of changing so that they wouldn’t require light. It would require a pretty heavy overhaul, but definitely doable.

  2. Have i missed something ? Seems the cobblestone frame recipe is not existing ??? Did they add a Schematics for that, or did you accidentally remove it ? Or.. ?

  3. Is there a way to get rid of the tension wrench and make the lock picks usable by themselves??? I don’t like having to take up the extra inventory spot just for the wrench. The lock picks are awesome and I love them and for such a beautiful item I like that they are hard to make, but the tension wrench is unnecessary isn’t it?

    BTW I love this mod and have been using it for a few months now, every update makes it better and better. I love the silencers most of all though.

        1. Hi Mafke, we have not been able to get the lockpicks to work with or without the wrench. Any idea if perhaps eliminating the need for it in the items.xml might help? thanks. Love all the mods ! I use them on 2 servers with the Compopack(not sure if that is the issue) but almost everything else works.

          The only other issue we ran across is with the mod and a prefab, zeds tend to just walk thru the built walls, no matter how thick. but hey…

          Thanks Rongo and Mafke , love your work !

          1. The mod pack only contains modified Gunsafes, so if you’re using them on other stuff the won’t work unless you modify the doors/desksafes etc.
            Also not working on gunsafes?

            Zombies walking through walls is news to me…

          1. It’s a limitation of the game. Items with an ID over about 970 won’t show up. Blocks will, but not items. You can still build, find etc, but not just spawn them in. Hopefully that’ll be fixed some day.

  4. Brisanocturna this is server side only.

    jeff0z have the lockpicks in your inventory, then use the tensioner on your bar to right click the safe. You make a lockpick by taking a brass ingot on your bar and right clicking the lockpick station.

    I was hoping to see the code to modify the lockpick to eliminate the tensioner and also apply the feature to the small safe but was unable to locate the youtube video referenced. 😛

  5. Looks like a very good mod, I was wondering if it works with Ping Perfect servers, Ping Perfect claims that the mod can be activated but when activated does not seem to work, I do not see any of the new crafts appearing in my crafting log nor have I been able to use any of the features listed in the mod.

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