9/28/15 – 7 Days Community Server is down

It appears that Bluefang Solutions has changed the IP address and broken where the save is pointed. I’m waiting to hear back on a trouble ticket with them.


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2 thoughts on “9/28/15 – 7 Days Community Server is down

  1. A13 Mod Update – Hi RongoTheSuperBold, is this something you plan on publishing? If so, any idea how long after the A13 release you expect it would be available?

    Also, do you run any prefabs on your server? Thanks.

    1. Sorry for the massively long delay. I’m not getting comment notifications from the blob :(
      I’m hoping to have the new pack updated within a few weeks of A13, depending on how much changes. We don’t currently run any prefabs, but I may add them in A14 since they will all be broken for a few months at least after A13 comes out :(

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