Modding the UI – adding a date/time & temperature!

This has been removed since the Pimps have put it back into A13.2 by default. Plus I hate what WordPress does to code snippets.

So you want the clock back you say?

Then look no further!

Simple add  the line “<window name=”timeTemp” /> into the window_group name=”compass” on line 58 of your xui.xml file which is located in your 7 days to die/Data/Config directory. The group should look like:

<window_group name="compass">
<window name="windowCompass" />
<window name="timeTemp" />

Then, go into the XUI folder inside the config folder, open the windows.xml file, and paste the following to just below the windowCompass group (you should be pasting it around line 118. Be sure you are pasting it into a blank space!!!


<!-- added by Rongo on 12/13/15 @20:05 -->
<window name="timeTemp" width="400" height="24" anchor="CenterTop" controller="MapStats">
<sprite depth="2" name="dayTimeIcon" width="24" height="24" pos="-170,-55" sprite="ui_game_symbol_clock" color="[white]" foregroundlayer="true"/>
<label depth="2" name="dayTimeLabel" pos="-140,-57" width="172" height="28" text="DAY/TIME: [DECEA3]{MapDayTime}[-]" font_size="20"/>
<sprite depth="2" name="tempIcon" width="24" height="24" pos="50,-55" sprite="ui_game_symbol_temperature" color="[white]" foregroundlayer="true"/>
<label depth="2" name="tempLabel" pos="80,-57" width="172" height="28" text="OUTSIDE: [DECEA3]{MapTemperature}[-]" font_size="20"/>


That’s all you need to do! Enjoy your new found worldly knowledge 😀



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7 thoughts on “Modding the UI – adding a date/time & temperature!

  1. I copied your code and placed it where you specified. It looks just like in your video except in Notepad++ . Unfortunately all the text that is purple or green in your video is back in mine (both files).
    I get an error at the line I placed the code in the XUI folder.
    ERR loading and parsing XML…
    Object referencing not set to an instance of an object.

  2. Nice work man!

    The last patch (13.2) put the date/time on the GUI

    I’ve been experimenting, but I haven’t found the fix… Is there a good way of adding the player core temp to the GUI next to the time?

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