Rongo Mod Pack – Alpha 13 Version 1 (updated with fixes)

Hi friends!

UPDATED! Fixed repair items for spears, fixed dew collector and changed to bottledRiverWater. Thanks for pointing out the mistakes!

Ok, so I’m starting my new mod pack with A13. I’m going to try to be a bit more conservative with some things and also try to do things that make sense. It’ll be an iterative process and I’ll need your process on things that need to be updated or tweaked.

For Version 1 here is what I’ve done:

1) Fertilizer – poop + plant fiber gives you fertilizer
2) using a hoe (left click) on all plants other than corn, this will consume one fertilizer and immediately switch that plant to it’s final growth stage (later I will probably make it be just a one stage improvement)
3) added a Dew collector. It may take several days to “harvest” water from dew, but when ready it’ll be lootable for murky water and then should reset.
4) added a chicken coop version 1. upgrade with hoe, 4 eggs to stage 2, 12 corn seed to state 3, then it’ll “grow” to stage 4 where you can loot it for eggs, feathers and meat.
5) added a silencer
6) added silenced hunting rifle, mp5, sniper rifle and pistol (will be gated behind book later)
7) grilled corn and mushrooms
8) new farmables: cactus, mushrooms, chrysanthemums, tomatoes, wheat, aloe
9) my “spears” in stone, iron and steel version.

That’s a start. Much more I’m working on, including skill books, new ammo types, more traps, fishing, etc.

To install:
1) Download the file from here: ModPack13v1
2) extract
3) overwrite the files in the 7 days to die -> Data -> config directory with the four included files.


  1. If you want only the silenced weapons, download this file silencedWeapons
  2. Open it and copy the two chunks as indicated (items into items.xml, recipes into recipes.xml)
  3. Enjoy the silence :)



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9 thoughts on “Rongo Mod Pack – Alpha 13 Version 1 (updated with fixes)

  1. Hey Rongo can you please post you XMLs with the changes included from 13.4 please? There are too many changes and I have not been able to get them all to work trying to combine everything with the Fun Pimps changes etc. Thanks

  2. Hey Rongo, nice mods! I got the same bug as jayzen with existing map. But also i wasnt able to create a new map, it throws out an error in the console. Hope u have time to fix it soon. 😉 ty

  3. Rongo – You have a great idea here; there are minor things to work out, but this is a great idea.

    The seeds are still bugged, and when I try to use the silenced weapon mod portion, I get the following error after I create a silenced weapon and try to pick it up from the backpack:

    “NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

  4. I would love a silencer for the AK47, I was looking at the files that you added and I am a little iffy about adding one myself just by copying what you have, and changing some of the stuff. Knowing my luck and lack of skill since I am still learning I would break everything. If you could add that, that would be awesome! Thanks and great work as always!

  5. I just tried to load up the game after installing the mod and it wont even get passed the load screen. It keep popping with multiple errors that the .xml files are not the correct hash or something like that. Its only the 4 files that are in your mod pack. I think its because I am updated to the latest version of the game =/

  6. Is it possable to make the crosshair in 7 days to die brighter ro thicker?
    I own my oen web site and have meny complantes it’s hard to see.
    Mabie a brighter coller such as yellow?

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